Replacement Kitchen Doors

It’s not always practical to replace a full kitchen with a new design layout when you just want to refurbish the looks of your kitchen. Replacement kitchen doors is a great way to change and brighten up any kitchen design. We have a long track record of assisting customers create the change they are looking for with minimal amount of disruption, the range of styles they are looking for and the budget they have to work with.

Replacement Kitchen Door Styles
The hardest thing you will face is what choice to make. The choices are wide ranging and multi coloured.

  • Avanti Doors,
  • Vinyl wrapped doors, are
  • PVC Edged Doors,
  • Glide Sliding Doors,
  • Painted Doors.

Kitchen Door Choices

the range of door choices is so large we just can’t place them all on our website.

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Avanti Stock Doors Replacement kitchen doorsAvanti Doors are our range of off the shelf furniture doors. They are 22mm thick, available in Shaker style or as integrated handle J-Pull doors in a comprehensive range of sizes complete with matching accessories.

  • 22mm Thick for Superior Quality





Aspire Vinyl Wrapped Doors Replacement kitchen doorsOur suppliers manufacture a full range of MDF vinyl wrapped doors for use in kitchens, bedrooms, offices and virtually any furniture situation. The vinyl coverings are tough, hard wearing and durable. Replacement kitchen doors can be made any size up to 2400mm high and 996mm wide and come in a vast range of finishes and styles ranging from traditional woodgrains to contemporary high gloss. Given the right care these doors will give many years of trouble-free use.

  • Over 40 Different Styles
  • Over 60 Different Colours




Aspects PVC Edged Doors Replacement kitchen doorsThe Aspects PVC Edged Doors Range is split into 4 main collections to help you find the right product in the right price range to suit your needs. With well over 100 decors to choose from there is something to suit every design and budget. Every Aspects door is made-to-measure to custom sizes at no extra cost and exactly the same quick lead time…

  • Well Over 100 Different Colours
  • Registered Embossed, Textured, Woodgrain, Uni-Colour & Gloss Finishes





Glide Sliding DoorsAll our Glide sliding doors are made-to-measure up to 2400mm high and 1220mm wide within a quick lead time. We offer over 100 panel finishes which include MFC, vinyl wrapped, glass, mirror and acrylic which are all housed in a high quality aluminium frame with integrated soft close. Glide sliding doors are available in a three panel design or one panel with optional adhesive cross rails to give a multi panel effect.

  • Over 100 Panel Finishes
  • Custom Made To Your Exact Specifications




Custom Painted Doors Replacement kitchen doorsPainted furniture doors from our suppliers open up a whole world of design possibilities combining the options of made-to-measure sizes with a choice of gloss or matt paint and a colour matching service to create the ultimate level of customisation. Our painted door range falls into two categories: Made-to-Measure offering a select range of styles from the Aspire collection in both 18 & 22mm thickness and Avanti Painted offering selected styles from our stocked door range.

  • Finished In Any Colour Imaginable
  • Numerous Door Styles To Choose From




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